Testing & Quality Verification

Testing & 
Quality Verification 

While strict timetables and ever diminishing funding continue to pressure product development in many industries, second chances are rarely considered an option in aerospace and defense. This is why, whether we’re developing a solution for our military or within other industries, Starwin places the quality of our solutions above all else. As part of our superior testing and quality verification process, we’re proud to employ an exceptional quality management system, an established sequence of inspections and tests utilizing the most advanced technology, and a dedicated quality assurance lab.

Inspection & Testing

To maintain optimal accuracy in reporting and to deliver optimal accuracy in our end product, the complexity of our inspection and testing equipment evolves in tandem with the development of technology and the work we perform. One of the highlights of our high-tech arsenal is the Revolution CMM, which is fully equipped with true 5-axis measurement for precision inspection, and Modus software that enables us to directly gather embedded dimensions and tolerance data. Our team of engineers also perform rigorous RF and high voltage testing to ensure functional soundness and operator safety.

First Article
Inspection & Qualification

Quality begins with process, and as an aerospace and defense contractor, Starwin is committed to meticulous first article inspection and qualification testing. As such, we can verify that the engineering design and manufacturing process achieve all necessary requirements and have been verified. This part of our comprehensive approach to quality management ensures the reliability of our products, integrity of our production processes, and absolute conformance to our clients’ specifications. This facet of our organization is not only critical to our military partnerships, but benefits all of our clients, no matter the industry.

Our Capabilities

Starwin Industries is a multifaceted industrial engineering and manufacturing company. Through our rich history of creative innovation backed by cutting-edge technology, we pride ourselves on an extensive list of proven capabilities that have earned us the uncompromising trust of the aerospace, defense, and energy industries. We’ve brought particularly interesting visions to life – Discover what Starwin can do for you, and let’s create something amazing.

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, multiple process capabilities, custom built tooling tailored to project specifications, and highly skilled craftsmanship, we offer truly customized composite solutions. 

Our individualized approach to engineering, bonding expertise, and 3D 5-Axis precision machining ensure your assembly is manufactured to perform, whether for aerospace or any industry.

Complex prototyping, reverse engineering, life cycle management, and specialized processing for low- vs. high-volume production bring precision and efficiency to new, existing, and legacy component manufacturing.  

High-Tech testing and inspections ensure quality, reliability and performance are unmatched. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to engineer and manufacture any custom solution. With experience not limited by industry, technology, or material, and projects that have spanned complexity and application, we can make your vision reality.

Our project showcase demonstrates the virtually limitless opportunity for innovation when you choose Starwin Industries. Explore our past projects from aerospace and defense to sporting goods and toy products.

We envision, engineer, and manufacture strategic solutions for complex problems.