Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions 

Central to our heritage and culture is a hardwired passion for creativity and innovation. Although we are viewed by many as an industry leader in aerospace and defense, we also live for the opportunity to engage in unconventional and challenging projects, such as our AMES Research Center Wind Tunnel Vanes. Creatively-charged by cutting-edge technology and proven capability – there is no custom engineered solution that is beyond our scope of possibilities.

Bringing your Innovative Design
to Life

If you can visualize it, Starwin can create it. Our proven application engineering is how your idea becomes a reality and our lucrative history in custom engineered solutions is what makes it a success. It’s this vast experience in bringing your design alive that has afforded our team an extensive knowledge-base that benefits and informs every new project. Further, through our robust network of specialty suppliers and access to a broad range of materials and technologies, there are virtually no limits to what can be created. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to handle every phase of the production process from concept application to completion, including extensive quality assurance.  

Added Value Through 
Strategic Optimization 

At Starwin Industries, the phrase “custom solution” doesn’t refer to just the final product. We also evaluate the creation process and materials, tailoring both to the specific custom solution. Not only that, but we design and build our own tooling, which allows for rapid customization and enhanced customer support. We evaluate, improve, or create new processes that best fit the project at hand. This practice can actually reduce costs and improve efficiency in production, and it’s this agile approach that optimizes the process and adds value to our clients.

Our Capabilities

Starwin Industries is a multifaceted industrial engineering and manufacturing company. Through our rich history of creative innovation backed by cutting-edge technology, we pride ourselves on an extensive list of proven capabilities that have earned us the uncompromising trust of the aerospace, defense, and energy industries. We’ve brought particularly interesting visions to life – Discover what Starwin can do for you, and let’s create something amazing.

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, multiple process capabilities, custom built tooling tailored to project specifications, and highly skilled craftsmanship, we offer truly customized composite solutions. 

Our individualized approach to engineering, bonding expertise, and 3D 5-Axis precision machining ensure your assembly is manufactured to perform, whether for aerospace or any industry.

Complex prototyping, reverse engineering, life cycle management, and specialized processing for low- vs. high-volume production bring precision and efficiency to new, existing, and legacy component manufacturing.  

High-Tech testing and inspections ensure quality, reliability and performance are unmatched. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to engineer and manufacture any custom solution. With experience not limited by industry, technology, or material, and projects that have spanned complexity and application, we can make your vision reality.

Our project showcase demonstrates the virtually limitless opportunity for innovation when you choose Starwin Industries. Explore our past projects from aerospace and defense to sporting goods and toy products.

We envision, engineer, and manufacture strategic solutions for complex problems.