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Starwin Industries has been a qualified supplier of radomes for the US military since 1992. Over the years, our continued commitment to technological advancement and quality craftsmanship has earned us the qualification to manufacture over 75 types of radomes used on military aircraft, naval ships, helicopters, missiles, and land-based antennas.

Radome Solutions for
Military Aircraft
& Naval Systems 

Considering the high profile equipment they’re designed to protect; our clients expect nothing less than the best from or radomes and composite components. Our agility in employing several composite manufacturing methods including resin-transfer and compression molding, injection molding, vacuum bagging, and wet lay-up allows us to utilize the most appropriate method for each project. Plus, our custom tooling engineered to project spec, including molds, vacuum tools, assembly fixtures, and electronic test cells, allows for optimal production and inspection accuracy. From our aircraft radomes created for high speed performance and finished with rain erosion resistant paint, to our naval vessel radomes built to last in a variety of challenging environmental conditions – we’re your radome experts.

Product Categories

  • ECM Pod Radomes
  • Polarizing/FSS Radomes
  • Aircraft Radomes
  • Naval Vessal Radomes
  • Antenna & Radome Assemblies
  • Radomes for the F-15, F-16, F-18, B-52, Apache Helicopter, and the AWACS

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