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Since 1964, composites have been Starwin’s hallmark of innovation and area of specialization. We’ve served the uncompromising requirements of leading industries with our expertise in producing composite components utilizing multiple process capabilities, and by providing added value to our customers with custom engineered tooling created to project specifications, for precision in every stage of the production process. 

Over 40 Years of
Composite Expertise

With decades of experience engineering and manufacturing composite components, including our trusted radomes, Starwin has also earned the qualification to manufacture defense industry composite components such as aircraft body and floor panels, nose cones, and missile launch-cell covers, including those that support the RIM-7 Sea Sparrow weapon system. Along with our involvement in a number of historic aerospace projects, like developing custom vanes for the AMES Research Wind Tunnel and scale models of the Lunar Lander for NASA, we realize the magnitude of our contribution to the aerospace and defense industries and we’re ready to serve.


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