What Drives Starwin?


At Starwin Industries, it is our mission to provide our customers with unmatched manufacturing and engineering support including specialty components, precision machining, and a wide range of material and processing capability, all at reasonable costs. Through continuous innovation and advancement, we aim to be the premier source of complete solutions for the aerospace and defense industries – rendering our competition irrelevant.


Starwin understands that the true value of our company lies in the talent and passion of our team; machines and technology are our tools, but innovation and value are created by each team member. We strive to maintain a tribal culture rooted in mutual respect, accomplishment, and accountability. Each individual is held to our Starwin standard of excellence and we believe every success is a collective celebration of our team members unique abilities. This strong community mindset empowers our team to not only deliver outstanding results to our customers, but also add collective value to our world.


  • We are grateful for the opportunities our nation affords us and support the warfighters who have, and continue to place themselves in harm’s way to preserve our freedoms. 
  • We believe in the dignity of work. Every individual’s contribution is important to the final outcome and should be compensated accordingly. 
  • We believe that trust, both internal and external, is essential for a strong, long-lasting business. Honesty and integrity are the framework for trust. 
  • We believe in taking the long view; short term thinking is reactional vs. strategic. 
  • We believe in individual commitment, passion, and accountability. 

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